Adieu, Guru (Sarita Swain)

He studied in BJB College. Both of us took up history Hons. Guru was really a brilliant student. He was an excellent debater. We had lot of expectations from Guru. Guru proved his mettle by standing first in History Hons. After that he pursued his higher study in JNU. In the long run he made us proud by joining Indian Administrative Service. The best quality about Guru was he was never proud. I found him very well meaning and a down to earth person.

I had attended Shradha ceremony of his beloved father. There Guru had introduced to me his wife and son. He had a caring touch in his conversation. Though both of us were in fb hardly we shared anything with each other. I remember he had once sent me some photos of glorious nature that I liked very much. Actually I wanted him to respond to my message. Learnt due to constraint of work he could not get much time to interact. But I was quite sure that he had not forgotten me. I was always happy that he was doing very well in his profession.

When I heard he was ill due to Corona I started praying for him every day. Despite our fervent prayer Guru passed away. It gave a strong jolt to all of us. He had a cherubic smile. In this world of self-advertisement, I saw Guru working diligently without flaunting much about himself. That was his best quality.

God, I am sending my heartfelt prayer to comfort his soul. Om Shanti!

Sarita Swain

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