Goodbye Dear Guru (Eugene Karthak)

Dr Guru Prasad Mahapatra or popularly known “Guru” was our classmate in CPS/SSS at JNU during M.A days.He was one of the soft spoken and very lively persons among us. Most of our time in JNU days was spent in the Central Library with classmates. However Guru was an intuitive genius and not very regular […]

Dr. Guruprasad Mohapatra -An Iconic Personality (Asit Vora)

Aperson par excellence! It’s very difficult to pen down anything for such a great personality. Memories, attributes and physical creations provide plenty of support for what our dear friend did in his life and how he made us feel! A true friend is never truly gone… because true friends are never apart. The soul lives […]

Knowing Guru (Lord Meghnand Desai)

I first met Guru at a large family gathering in Delhi when he was Chairman of the Airports Authority of India. Even after seventeen years of our marriage, I am always a bit lost in the many names and the exact cousinhood of each guest. Guru no doubt saw this immediately and took me under […]

Adieu, Guru (Sarita Swain)

He studied in BJB College. Both of us took up history Hons. Guru was really a brilliant student. He was an excellent debater. We had lot of expectations from Guru. Guru proved his mettle by standing first in History Hons. After that he pursued his higher study in JNU. In the long run he made […]

Salute, my friend (Sanjeev Sahai)

When Debu asked me to write a few lines about Guru, I most happily agreed. After all Guru was amongst my very close friends. I opened my laptop but my mind became still, quiet with sadness. I just could not type. I have kept dithering and avoiding writing until today. ‘Was’ is a word with […]

Au Revoir my friend (Asit Tripathy)

Guru, or Gurubabu as I fondly called him, was junior to me academically yet each time two of us met ended with Guru blessing me in Odia ‘Hau Jaaw, Thikre Thaw’. Somewhat contemporary in JNU we would run into each other with our interaction being at best occasional. He came across as an easy going […]